Register as a voter ASAP!

Those of you who have not registered as a voter, please do so before 27 December. We cannot guarantee that you CAN vote if the General Election is held in March 2008, but there is a chance you may be able to. The EC says it needs 3-6 months to get people on the electoral roll, but we know for a fact that Wilayah EC tends to be ‘faster’ than Selangor EC.

So please inform all your friends and relatives, and for those who are registered voters, PLEASE CHECK YOUR STATUS at:

Many thousands of voters were transferred without their knowledge in the last G, and many have been transferred for this upcoming GE too. If you have been moved without your consent, do lodge a report with the Election Commission (see for contact details for the various state EC offices). Please also let us at BERSIH know if you have been ‘moved’.

We have heard reports that many of the computerised post offices are often ‘offline’ and are unable to register people, and that in the last few days, many have ‘run out’ of voter registration forms. If you have evidence or first-hand experience of these incidents, please contact us at with details.

Today (Saturday, 22 Dec), Bangsar Baru post office (48, Jalan Telawi; tel: 03 22840219) is open till 10pm for those who want to register as a voter.

Also, Subang Jaya post office (Lot 20913, Jalan Subang Utama; tel: 03 50399001) is open till 8pm today.

6 thoughts on “Register as a voter ASAP!

  1. Malik

    Saya pergi nak register pilihanraya di pos office tesco , puchong , tapi mereka kata spr form dah habis

    Ini berlaku pada pukul 2 pm pada hari jumaat

    harap ambil tidakan sewajarnya

    terima kasih

  2. Jedi Rao

    I was at USJ Taipan POS Office, but was told the system was offline (at about 10 am (24th Dec)). I took a drive to Sri Muda POS office in Shah Alam ( Borang SPR sudah habis sign was pasted on the counter ) but after asking I was able to register. Please try a few POS Office and you may need to visit different days.

    Please note


  3. antatuyaya

    Information that l get from my informer that SPR is now going to use 2 type of finger ink mark during election.
    1.the one which is permanent ink for normal voter.
    2 look alike but.removal ink for BN voter who will be going to vote at other location.
    Bersih and all opposition party officer that is working at all voter center must remember to try the ink at their saluran on their leg thumb before official voting . This is to made sure that the ink is the real non removal ink.
    l also hope the that the opposition officer to be llowed to sign on the ink bottle so that the
    EC officer did not change the removal ink when they have the oppotunity.

    Please remember that they will try to do all sort of thing to deny opposition to win in this election.
    EC is not free and transparent, it follow what BN say.

  4. bersih


    It may already be too late for you to change your voting address, but you are welcome to try. Our sources tell us that Dec 27 is the cut-off date for registrations if GE is in March.

    Firstly, does your MyKad bear your new address? If yes and you were previously registered elsewhere, then you can go straight to a SPR office. If yes and you want to register to vote, also go to a SPR office or a post office.

    If your MyKad has your old address, and you have moved and want to vote at your new address, then you need to go to JPN to update your address. After that, you can go to a post office to register as a voter. If you are already registered, you can go to a SPR office to change your voting address.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Jay


    I have a question regarding the qualification to register for the coming general election, whether it is:
    1) As long as the general election occur after 3 months of your registration OR
    2) Regardless of when this coming general election occur, there is a fixed cut-off date (which is already over?!)

    I encounter the following scenario:
    I go to a few penang post offices during December 2007, all of them told me the same thing that the cut-off date for this coming general election is over, if i insist want to register, then i’m only eligible for next general election (in other words, i’m not elegible for this coming general election, and have to wait 5 more years!).

    Hope you can educate me on this.

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