Meeting Points & Public Transport Advice

Particpants are strongly encouraged to use public transport such as buses, LRT and the Komuter.

LRT Map here.

Park your vehicles away from the city centre.

Participants who are in KL before 3pm to gather at the following venues:

1. SOGO Shopping Complex : Stop at Sogo / Bank Negara Komuter Station / LRT STAR Bandaraya

2. Masjid Jamek KL : Stop at Masjid Jamek / LRT Masjid Jamek

3. National Mosque : Stop at KL Komuter or Railway Station.

4. Central Market : Stop at Bangkok Bank / LRT Putra Pasar Seni

At each of these places, there will be BERSIH working committee members.

You are encouraged to bring food and drinks and enjoy yourself as the Gathering is meant to be a peaceful one. However, please don’t leave any rubbish behind.

12 thoughts on “Meeting Points & Public Transport Advice

  1. Mohd Nazri

    Esok rombongan kami dari Bandar Tasik Kesuma akan berada di Masjed jame’ sebelum pukul 3pm insyaallah.

  2. KakiAyam

    Lim, this is a push for a free and fair election. Not a push for the fall of Umno or BN. Get your priorities right. The rally tomorrow is not a Mob, but a show of support to the people submiting the memorandom.

  3. J.D. Lovrenciear

    With more than three dozen organizations in the country backing this monumental move to march for justice and democracy, the ruling political machinery is clearly being threatened. Hence, instead of riding with the call for progress, so much threats are being spewed forth by the agentries associated with the ruling party members. How unfortuanate! Even with HRH willing to receive the representatives, the ruling party members are unwilling to relent and amend. Therein lies the starck truth that democracy may be almost dead in Malaysia. Malaysians must wake up and put the country back on track. November 10, 2007 may just be the start of that long march to justice and democracy.

  4. Alan

    Any lawyer willing to venture an opinion of the requirement of a permit for peaceful assembly?

    Constitution allows for free assembly

    Constitution also says any law which goes against the spirit of the Constitution is invalid.

    So are the public allowed to assemble peacefully?

    Opinions greatly appreciated.

  5. Calvin

    Tun Mahathir was right, malaysia is no longer a Police state, Malaysia is a Mafia state – I remember during his time in the year 1997, he did not filter any news or tries to stop any demo until quite sometime. Badawi is way much worst than Tun.

  6. Chris Anthony

    t’s unfortunate the PM has taken a confrontational attitude to people who are expressing their views on something so important – free and fair elections,the basic prerequisite for a true democracy.

    Nobody is challenging the PM or the government.Nobody is trying to topple the government that has been elected.All we ask for is to ensure the elections are conducted in a fair and free manner,where the opposition is treated equally as the ruling party.Equal opportunities should be given to them to reach the rakyat.Is asking for these rights as provided for in the Constitution a unfair demand?

    If only the government can meet the people’s demands in a spirit of cordial dialogs,there would be no tension whatsoever.The police instead of ensuring thIe people’s gathering goes on peacefully,has unfortunately also taken a combative attitude against the very people whom they are tasked to protect.

    We pray that all parties concerned would abide by the laws so that law and order will be upheld and the gathering will go on peacefully as planned.We hope the police will come hard on those out to create trouble and not those participating peacefully.

    Patriotism is doing something for the love of the nation.There can be nothing more treacherous to our nation than being silent when faced with blatant injustice.

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